My family loves to travel throughout the year. There are so many family-friendly destinations that are, what I like to consider "pocket-friendly". I am always looking for hotels that offer the most bang for your buck!

There is a certain criteria a hotel must meet before I book:
  • Is it clean? (which means, can my children walk around barefoot and sleep in the beds!)
  • Does it have activities? (e.g., pool, kid's club, arcade, etc.)
  • Do they have FOOD? (casual, kid-friendly dining options are very important with 3 young children. Free breakfast brings joy to my heart!)
  • What is nearby? (location, location location!)

The properties listed here are places that we have had the pleasure of visiting. These hotels/resorts offer all of the amenities that make even the shortest trip feel like an amazing getaway.
Just tell them "So you think you can mom?" sent you! Happy Travels! :)