Disney Magic!

The love I have for Disney cannot be put into words. My earliest memory of my Father is one where he is standing with me and my Mother in Sleeping Beauty's Castle. We were sharing a glass of grape juice gazing into Fantasy Land.

From the moment my oldest son was born, I started planning his first trip to Disneyland. The day he took his first steps, I purchased our tickets! I wanted him to be able to walk and explore Disneyland with the curiousity and joy that only the first visit can bring out in a child. It was a magical day. Now, we have 3 children and we refer to Disneyland as our second home.

To this day, I still get chills everytime I walk through that big, magical castle entrance. I still cry at every firework and I get just as excited to see the characters in the park as my children do. On this page I will share all things Disney from A-Z! The theme parks, movies, video games, toys, snacks and so much more!

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