Disney Enchanted Tales!

Disney Interactive has done it again!

Disney Interactive just launched a new app that has me completely obsessed! Disney Enchanted Tales is a kingdom-building game that is now available on all mobile devices. With Beauty and the Beast celebrating their 25th Anniversary, it's only fitting for Belle to introduce us to this fun, interactive game where you are the creator. 

Players can build their kingdoms inspired by beloved Disney characters and expand by completing challenges to unlock iconic landmarks like Belle's Cottage, Beast's Castle and Rapunzel's Tower. In Disney Enchanted Tales, you are the architect. You decide where and what to build all while exploring some of our most favorite Disney stories. 

This is what my storybook looks like! I have unlocked multiple landmarks from Beauty and the Beast and started expanding into Rapunzel's kingdom. I am just 2 levels away from unlocking my next story which I think is going to be Frozen. I don't usually play games on my phone, but this one has me hooked. The best part is that the app will notify you when your challenges are complete and ready for you to collect your rewards so you don't have to just sit there staring at your phone waiting. 

I love the graphics and all of the cute, little details that really bring these kingdoms to life. Rapunzel hoisting up Mother Gothel with supplies to the tower window takes me back to the very scene from the film where Mother Gothel returns with hazelnuts to make Rapunzel her favorite soup. I love watching Rapunzel bake pies and catching Pascal sneak off with a pie when Rapunzel isn't looking. It's just truly an adorable game!

Be sure to download Disney Enchanted Tales today available in the Apple App Store and Google Play!

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. I was invited to the launch event for this app. These are just my two cents!