Ready, Set, Explore at Discovery Cube Los Angeles!

A Summer full of adventure awaits you at Discovery Cube Los Angeles!

Two amazing new exhibits launched at Dicovery Cube LA on May 28th. Nickelodeon's Dora & Diego: Let's Explore! and SPEED: Science in Motion.

Dora & Diego: Let's Explore! is located downstairs next to Bean Sprouts and it is one of the most interactive and exciting exhibits the museum has to offer. With so many bright colors and familiar characters, this educational play area is going to be your child's favorite place to explore. 

There is so much for kids to do in this exhibit. We literally spent a couple hours just running from one area to the other then back to the first area again! 

Here are all of the interactive worlds within the exhibit:

The Purple Planet
Visit the Purple Planet with Dora and Boots! A Purple Planet home invites young visitors to climb inside and slide down on the surface of the Purple Planet.

Rocket Ship
Dora’s outer-space friends want to go back to the Purple Planet and need help getting there. Aboard the Rocket Ship, preschoolers are invited to put on a spacesuit, pilot the ship, and test their memory with images of colorful planets as they help Dora and Boots take their outer-space friends home.

On the way to the Purple Planet, Dora and Boots encounter some interesting star groupings. Children and their families are invited to help identify the patterns made out of stars by inserting star shapes to light up a constellation.

Isa’s Flowery Garden
Dora’s friend Isa the Iguana demonstrates how to take care of flowers, plants, and animals. Preschool visitors can tour Isa’s Garden to pick flowers, interact with bird, butterfly, and insect puppets, and pretend-fly with toddler-sized bird and butterfly wings. Even the littlest visitors will enjoy smelling the flowery scents and picking soft-fabric posies.

Tico’s Tree and Car
Dora is a good friend to Tico the squirrel and visitors are invited to be a good friend to Tico too. Tico needs help picking nuts from the tree for a family picnic. Children can play along with Swiper to swipe the nuts and watch as they shoot up and over to fill Tico’s basket. Visitors can also help Tico fill up his car with nuts so he can begin his journey!

Pirate Ship
In the Pirate Ship, preschoolers can join the Pirate Piggies crew and dress like a pirate to pretend-play along sailing the ship and divvying up the treasure. Visitors can raise and lower the Pirate Piggies’ flag, look through the telescopes to spot the treasure chest and then divvy up the coins into the Pirate Piggies’ banks and help them share the treasure.

Animal Rescue Center
Young children practice caring and helping rainforest animals in Diego’s Animal Rescue Center. Preschoolers can be an animal rescuer, like Diego, as they diagnose and address an animal’s problem from the “Scanner” bed, bandage and apply cold packs at the “First-Aid Station,” and bathe stuffed animals at the “Care Station.”

Rainforest Maze
Preschoolers will explore a rainforest to locate rainforest animals. Active play is encouraged as children swing across the Bobo Brothers’ monkey bars, crawl through a fallen tree, climb across Jaguar Mountain, and jump or hop across the River Rocks.

Once we pulled the kids away from this exhibit, we went upstairs to experience Speed: Science in Motion! The sound of cheering literally filled the air when we walked into this hands-on, action-packed exhibit! 

Speed takes thrill seekers right to a Formula 1 race track, complete with pit lane, workshop and physical testing environments. 

The Workshop –Explore the science behind Formula One cars and learn about the engines, aerodynamics, and motion.
The Fitness Testing Area – Drivers can test their skill levels using anticipation, reaction time, peripheral vision and heart rate exhibits to see if they have what it takes to become a professional Formula One driver.
The Race Track – Trainee drivers can test their driving skills in a race simulator, change a tire under Formula One conditions, or compete against another driver in a virtual race.

My boys immediately rushed to the virtual race track and challenged each other for the title of CHAMP! The girls loved the race simulator and wouldn't even give me turn. I think I called "NEXT" three times before giving up!

The workshop was just as exciting! We learned how to change a tire under pressure in a fact-paced environment. We also learned about the gears and how they change during a race as well as velocity vs. distance. 

This exhibit was a hit with our kids as well as my niece and sister in law. We can't wait to come back all Summer long. Hopefully, next time I will actually get a turn at the race simulator! 

Be sure to visit Discovery Cube Los Angeles this Summer and experience these great exhibits. You can explore with Dora & Diego until September 18, 2016 and Speed's final lap will be on September 11, 2016.

For more on our adventures at Discovery Cube Los Angeles, visit:

Discovery Cube Los Angeles
11800 Foothill Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 91342

 Disclosure: As a Discovery Cube Mom Ambassador, I was compensated for this post. However, all thoughts and opinions remain my own.


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