Fandango Family: The Good Dinosaur Inspired Dino Cakes!

The Good Dinosaur is a heart-warming story about a young dinosaur named Arlo and his unlikely friendship with a little boy. 

With The Good Dinosaur gearing up to hit theaters this Thanksgiving weekend, I decided to bake a dozen Good Dinosaur inspired cupcakes. I've made skeleton cupcakes before so how hard could dinosaur skeletons be? 

What you'll need:

12 cupcakes 
Chocolate frosting
White cake gel


Top cupcakes with chocolate frosting. Make sure to have a nice smooth surface of frosting for the bones.

Using the white cake gel, make little dinosaur bones. It's really easy and turns out super cute!

Time to enjoy!

Disclaimer: As a Fandango Family Blogger, I received compensation from Fandango for my time and participation in the Fandango Family Digital Network. Although this is a sponsored post, all opinions remain my own!