Fandango Family: Celebrate PIXELS the Movie with a Pac-Man Party!

As a huge gaming fan I have grown up playing all of the classics like Galaga, Q-bert, Frogger, Centipede, Donkey Kong, Tron and Pac-Man. I shared my love for gaming with my children at an early age and now we enjoy playing videogames as a family. Needless to say, when word got out about Sony Pictures' new film starring Adam Sandler called PIXELS, I began counting the days until it's big release. We are so excited to see PIXELS in theaters this Friday, July 24th. Of course, we just had to have our very own Pac-Man party to get our friends just as excited as we are!
A Pac-Man Party is super easy and a lot of fun to host. We served a Pac-Pizza, Pac-Punch, Pac-Pucks and Power Pellets. I simply ordered a large cheese pizza and removed enough slices to make it appear as if Pac-Man was mid-chomp. The kids thought it was so awesome!
My Pac-Punch was a bubbly combination of Ginger ale and Orange Sherbet. It looks gross, but it tastes great and it was a big hit with the kids!
The kids really enjoyed their Pac-Pucks for dessert, which are just Ding Dongs with an image of Pac-Man from PIXELS glued on top. It doesn't get any easier than that!
No Pac-Man Party would be complete without Power Pellets! We had Yellow, Blue & Pink power pellets to help our Pac-Buddies defeat the ghosts.
After all that eating, it was time to get downstairs and really start our Pac-Man Party! The kids couldn't wait to get on the sticks and start chomping on ghosts. We played Pac-Man Party on the Nintendo Wii for the rest of the day!
Get ready to play for the planet when Sony Pictures PIXELS hits theaters this Friday!
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(Photo Credit: Fujikawa)
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