Tea Time at American Girl!

We absolutely love our visits to American Girl located at The Grove in Los Angeles. Mya always has so much fun exploring the store and looking for any new additions. When her birthday was approaching, it was no surprise that she wanted to host her very own tea party with a few of her friends. I was thrilled to start planning her special event because I knew the helpful staff at American Girl would handle everything and all we had to do was arrive on time.

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The Café offers an amazing Afternoon Tea served everyday at 4pm. The table settings are lovely and the napkins are wrapped with a special American Girl hair tie that each girl will take home as a party favor.

Mya was so excited to have all of her friends join her and her doll, Bella, to celebrate her 7th birthday. Each guest receives a special chair made to hold their dolls at the table. Each doll receives an American Girl tea cup and saucer to participate in the tea party. The best part? If your guests don't have an American Girl doll of their own, American Girl will loan them a doll of their choice from their wall of dolls so your guests can experience all the fun of the American Girl Tea Party and YES...there are even male dolls so Mya's little brother didn't feel left out! Mya's older brother took one for the team and actually found himself enjoying his sister's tea party.


Once everyone is all settled in, the staff starts bringing out these beautiful towers of finger foods that are almost too pretty to eat. Mya's favorites were the Jell-O filled orange slices and the fruit kabobs.

After all of the little yummies have been enjoyed, it's time for tea and dessert. The American Girl Café serves the most adorable desserts that are just perfect for an afternoon tea party. Mya was so excited to see her little dessert plate. She even said, "Mom, take a picture of it so I can remember this day forever".

It was finally time to sing Happy Birthday to Mya!

She had one of the most amazing birthdays ever and we are so grateful to the wonderful staff at The American Girl Café for making it such a memorable day for her. It takes a great group of patient angels to put up with so many little voices shouting out requests. Our servers were awesome and never stopped smiling!

This month, American Girl is offering a FREE service for dolls in select stores:

I am definitely taking Mya in to have Bella's ears pierced. Let's just hope she doesn't convince me to buy her a pet and new outfit and a bike and a carrying bag and camp fire set and....I'm getting nervous!


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