Fandango Family: HOME in Theaters this Friday!

The much anticipated DreamWorks film, HOME, is headed to theaters this Friday, March 27th and I've got a couple fun ideas to help get your little ones ready for an out-of-this-world adventure!

Home is about an overly confident alien race called Boov, taking over Earth in search of a new place to call Home. As Earth's inhabitants are being relocated, a young, resourceful girl named Tip, escapes capture and finds herself with an accidental accomplice...Oh! These 2 fugitives stumble upon the adventure of a lifetime in this hilariously funny and warm family film.

My kids love a good donut and it was super easy making these HOME themed donuts and surprising them after school! I picked up 3 jelly filled donuts from my local donut shop and covered them in orange frosting. All that was missing was the swirl and with a little black cake gel we were good to go. They were so excited to see the donuts, but the real fun happened when we cut the donuts in half and purple jelly appeared...nailed it!


Jelly Filled Donuts
Orange Frosting (add 3 drops of yellow food coloring and 3 drops of red food coloring to white frosting)
Black Cake Gel

The kids had to have something fun to drink with their OH-nuts so I whipped up a batch of BOOV Brew and they literally jumped out of their seats!

BOOV Brew:

Grape Juice
Orange Slices

I think our little HOME celebration was a huge success and now my kids are more excited than ever to see HOME in theaters this Friday!

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