Interview: Chef Annie Sibonney and Olives from Spain!

Chef Annie Sibonney is a Cooking Network star and Spanish cuisine expert on all things entertaining and olives. She is a self-taught chef and expert on world gastronomy. Annie Sibonney has traveled the globe in pursuit of culinary treasures and extraordinary experiences. Annie is the Co–Creator and Host of From Spain with Love, an award winning, critically acclaimed, food adventure TV series, which immerses viewers in the rich and diverse culinary culture of Spain, produced for Cooking Channel US and Food Network Canada. Annie is also the Co-Creator, Co-Executive Producer and Host of One Night Stand with Annie Sibonney, a culturally compelling and adventurous travel series where for just ONE NIGHT, she explores the food, culture, produced for Discovery World.

One of Chef Sibonney's favorite ingredients to work with is Olives from Spain. I love creating recipes using fresh olives and I always look for the Olives from Spain logo when purchasing olives for my family. Here are a few facts that might come in handy the next time you're at the market selecting olives:

  • Spain is the world leader in production and export of table olives – supplying more than 155 million lbs. into the U.S
  • Olives from Spain are naturally sugar-free and contain monounsaturated fats, which can improve cholesterol levels and reduce heart attack/stroke risk
  • 95% of stuffed pimiento olives consumed by Americans come from Spain
  • During harvest in September and October, olives are picked one by one to avoid damaging the fruit.
  • Spain’s sunny weather, temperate winters and rich, fertile soil are idyllic for growing the perfect olive.

  • I had the opportunity to interview Chef Annie Sibonney and ask her a few questions about her love for Spanish cuisine and olives:


    Chef Annie has definitely inspired me to create a few new recipes using Olives from Spain and I can't wait for my family to try them.

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