Morton Salt Girl Hits the Big 100!

This Summer the iconic Morton Salt Girl celebrated her 100th Birthday and we couldn't wait to have a bash in her honor! The Morton Salt Girl has been a recognizable symbol in my life for as long as I can remember. From my Grandmother's kitchen to my Mother's kitchen and now in my own kitchen. Morton Salt has always been present in our recipes. I recently invited over some friends to help celebrate the Morton Salt Girl's 100th birthday and I served up a few salty treats to help kick things off. We had popcorn, pretzels, apples slices with salted caramel for dipping, personalized M&M's, pizza and wings. The kids loved the self-serve popcorn and the M&M's the most!

Did you know that Morton Salt also has a line of Natural Epsom Salts? Of course they do!  The Natural Epsom Salts come in a variety of fragrances for specific needs. These salts use the natural power of Magnesium and Sulfate to soothe minor aches and sprains in a soaking solutions. The calming lavender fragrance can help to relax the senses and encourage a restful sleep while the eucalyptus fragrance can help to relax the senses and relieve tension. The girls were so excited to soak their footsies and relax at our in-home spa complete with cozy robes and cucumber slices for their eyes!

We had a blast at our Morton Salt Girl 100th Celebration and I am looking forward to introducing this iconic brand of salt to my little girl when the time comes for her to get creative in the kitchen!

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. I was asked to host an in-home party to spread the love of Morton Salt with friends. These are just my two cents!