SYTYCM? Meets Skylander Dad and Skylander Mom at E3!

Yesterday was Day 1 of the E3 Expo 2014 and it was everything I knew it would be! I went, I saw, I conquered...then, all of a sudden, I saw HIM! A Dad. Not just any Dad. THE DAD! The Dad that my kids watch for hours daily. Imitating and recreating his videos. I just had to approach him, at the risk of looking like a stalker, I did it for my kids! Prepare to be dazzled by, the one and only, SKYLANDER DAD!!!!

SKYLANDER DAD and SKYLANDER MOM made this special video just for my little gamers at home! I am officially the coolest Mom on the planet! The fact that SKYLANDER DAD actually said their names was the cherry on top. My kids were screaming, "HE KNOWS US!" as they ran around the house like maniacs. Thank you so much to SKYLANDER DAD and SKYLANDER MOM for taking the time to make this little video for my kids. You guys ROCK!


  1. My son watches Skylander Dad all the time. He's obsessed. I'm happy to know that my son isn't alone!

  2. That's so cool!!!! My son is three and a half and he loves the blogs! He calls it "funny Dad" and also I am spool a fan now,its just so funny and for someone to be able to capture the attention of three yrs all the way to 25 years old that is true talent, yet he isn't even trying to be , the family is just a real family who seems very humble and I absolutely adore the entire channels and I only wish there were more people in this world with a personality like Skylander dad's !!!! And Skylander mom is awesome as is Lexi Michael Chase & baby Shawn ! And rose and Heidi etc lol anyway girl I am so happy for you !!!! And your kids !!!! Good job Mama :)

    1. I meant to type "also" instead of "spool" not sure where that came from

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