Summer Fun Awaits at Knott's Berry Farm!

Knott's Berry Farm has been busy working on a few new and exciting projects around the park. If you recently visited Knott's you may have noticed that Camp Snoopy has been under construction. You've probably been wondering what new thrills will be added to the most beloved children's area ever created. The wait is finally over! To celebrate 30 years of Camp Snoopy, Knott's has added three great family rides in the 6-acre wonderland. Your kids can now experience Charlie Brown's Kite Flyer, Pig Pen's Mud Buggies and Linus Launcher!
  • Charlie Brown’s Kite Flyer invites campers to “fly a kite” with Charlie Brown and soar above the land’s winding paths and babbling streams – but watch out for the kite-eating tree! This 32-passenger adventure allows guests to sit side-by-side on 16 swings for a spin that whisks riders up to 18 feet above the ground. As the tree rises, good ol’ Charlie Brown is revealed upside down and all tied up in kite string! Charlie Brown’s Kite Flyer will replace Snoopy Bounce. 
  • Pig Pen’s Mud Buggies lets tykes climb aboard their very own all-terrain vehicle for an adventurous ride around the High Sierras. Six four-seater ATVs will spin, bounce, and bump up to 24 guests at a time, while Pig Pen looks on from his center perch. Pig Pen’s Mud Buggies will replace Log Peeler.
  • Linus Launcher recreates that classic Peanut’s moment when Snoopy grabs Linus’ blanket and launches him on a wild ride. On Linus Launcher, guests lay on one of twelve “blankets” as they fly round and round. Up to 24 guests lay side-by-side while Snoopy launches them up almost 10 feet in the air. Guests will enjoy a Woodstock’s-eye view of Huff ‘n Puff, The Grizzly Creek Lodge, and all of Camp Snoopy below! Linus Launcher will replace Charlie Brown’s Speedway. 

The Calico Mine Ride, a Knott's classic and first major attraction, has undergone a complete transformation. The top-to-bottom refurbishment began in early January and includes dozens of new animatronic figures, state-of-the-art lighting and special effects. Passengers will embark on the most immersive mining journey the park has ever offered. The attraction’s rustic wooden loading platform has been refreshed to include a "peek-in" similar to those throughout Ghost Town, offering guests windows into the rich mining history of the 1850's. The twisting, turning tunnels and expansive caverns were completely repainted, including a brilliant new color scheme in the spectacular “Heaven Room.” Here, guests will thrill to the glorious sight of the thousands of spectacular stalagmite and stalactites accompanied by the original musical score, which has been digitally re-recorded. Original special effects have been lovingly re-created, like real steam in the Bubbling Pots scene with it's surprising steam geyser and tipping barrels and other effects in the Explosion Room finale.

The fun doesn't stop there! Knott's Berry Farm has also added new elements throughout the park to keep the Summer Fun going. Snoopy is back as the star of the summer hit, Snoopy...Unleashed! presented in the 2,100-seat Charles Schulz Theatre. Snoopy is off his leash and ready for action – going where he wants to go, doing what he wants to do in a way that only Snoopy can. This spectacular ice skating production includes the Peanuts characters, professional ice skaters, elaborate sets and music that will have you singing along all summer long. Guests won’t want to miss the summer return of Boom Town where the Wild West, at the peak of the Gold Rush, becomes a Cirque performance that really strikes it rich. A cast of nine amazing acrobats brings to life what it was like to live in the small town of Calico in the 1860s. You’ll be inspired to grab your picks and pans, hop in an ore cart and come along for the ride!  Camp-goers will love the summer debut of Charlie Brown’s Happy Campers inside of the newly renovated Camp Snoopy Theatre that now includes a brand new refreshing shade structure. Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus, their friend JT, and the world’s most popular beagle, Snoopy will take the stage in a show that’s sure to make an outdoorsman out of anybody! 

For more info on all the Summer Fun waiting for you at Knott's Berry Farm and ticket info just click here!

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