Surprise Shout Out to SYTYCM? on Disney Infinity: Toy Box TV!

Disney Infinity is kind of a big deal in our surprise there! However, there was a huge surprise waiting for me towards the end of the clip I am sharing with you today. I often watch Disney Infinity: Toy Box TV just to stay current on what fellow gamers are coming up with in the Toy Box levels and help my kids get creative with their gameplay. I was totally shocked to see that in Episode 7 regarding the Arcade Game Challenge, I got an awesome shout out from John Vignocchi, the executive producer of Toy Box TV! Not only did they flash a shot of my Disney Infinity Arcade sign that I made for our #DisneySide @ Home Celebration we hosted last month, but he also mentioned my handle, @Southinkucanmom and added, "Sweet name, by the way"....I DIE NOW!!!! Is that not the coolest thing to happen to a gaming mama?!?! Better than NBC Nightly News as far as my kids are concerned! LOL!

Check out the episode below and you can catch my shout out at the 5:35 minute mark of the video:

Seriously!!! The most awesomest thing EVER!
The Winning Submissions for the Arcade Game Challenge were:
1.       Flynn's Arcade- Spend some quarters at the hottest arcade of the 80's! Just don't snoop around Kevin Flynn's top secret project.
2.       Hero's Duty 2- CyBug threat is gone but the security system is still in full alert! Fight your way through and reclaim the Hero's Medal!
3.       Hero’s Duty- Make your way to the top of the tower as seen in the Wreck-It Ralph movie. 
4.       Cube Challenge- Drop in a quarter and try to turn all the blocks yellow, but look out for the bad guys!
5.       Birdie Blitz- Fly as the crow through obstacles of different heights. Can you make it to the end?
It's amazing to see what these gamers have been able to create in their Toy Boxes! I can't wait to see more!


  1. LOVE IT!!! I'm happy that my handle appeared in that instagram post! ;) You are awesome Jasmine!!

  2. That is awesome! :D I kept following your event on instagram, it looked very fun!

  3. so freakin' cool! My kids would totally think I'm the coolest mom too.