Celebrating Spring with Julius Jr.!

With Spring comes so many great opportunities to take your children outside and explore the world around us. We love taking to the outdoors and this month, our friends from Julius Jr. had some great ideas for outdoor activities that were both fun and educational. We joined Julius Jr. in the Invention Dimension for some Inventing Time involving Falling, Flying and Blowing in the Wind. I made 3 parachutes for my kids using things I found around the house like ribbon, paper clips, tape and mini beach balls. I took the parachutes with me to pick them up from school. One of their play structures on campus has a high bridge that I knew would be perfect for this activity. They all lined up on the bridge and on the count of 3, they dropped their parachutes and watched them Fall.

After our little experiment, we headed over to our School Garden to observe all the new fruits and vegetables that started sprouting this Spring. I love the fact that our school sees the benefits of teaching our children how to grow their own food. My kids have such an appreciation for fruits and vegetables after being able to contribute in their garden. We also have a weekly Farmer's Market which allows our school families the opportunity to purchase healthy, organic produce and an amazing value. The lessons learned in our School Garden are definitely invaluable.

Get your little ones out to explore all the great changes that come with Spring! To learn more about Julius Jr. visit and be sure to watch his adventures on Nick Jr.!

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