Cow Wow Cereal Milk is a Hit!

Have I got a treat for you! My kids recently got their hands on a new milk box that left them saying WOW...Cow Wow that is! Cow Wow is a new organic milk that is made just the way kids like it. Everybody knows the best part of a bowl of cereal is that yummy flavored milk that's left after all the cereal is done. Even as an adult, I still life my bowl to my face and drink up all of my cereal milk. Cow Wow has managed to capture that yummy flavored cereal milk and packages in fun milk boxes with straws that your kids are sure to love. Cow Wow currently comes in 2 flavors, Fruity Trudy and Chocolate Chip Cathy with 2 additional flavors coming soon called Peanut Butter Bessie and Cinny Minny. My kids were so excited to try Cow Wow and they loved it. Each kid has their favorite flavor.

According to their website, Cow Wow contains only 6 grams of added sugar, this delicious and nutritious dairy beverage is made with low-fat, organic milk and contains nine essential vitamins and nutrients and is a good source of calcium, protein, and potassium. It’s also UHT pasteurized which means it doesn’t need to be refrigerated and it’s good for up to one year so you can store it in the cupboard until you’re ready to drink it.

Cow Wow Cereal Milk is currently available at most Kroger/Ralph's grocery stores! Check for more locations near you.

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. I was offered a sample of Cow Wow Cereal Milk in order to facilitate my review. These are just my two cents!