Getting Crafty for Vortexx on The CW!

My kids look forward to their Saturday mornings! All they want to do is sit around in their pj's and watch some of their favorite shows during the Vortexx programming block on The CW. From 7am to 12pm, The CW offers about 10 different animated cartoons that are sure to excite all ages. My kids really like watching Justice League Unlimited so I decided to pull out a few craft supplies and let them make some super hero pieces for this weekend's program.

We started out by cutting a few empty paper towel roles in half to make super hero cuffs for their wrists. We painted the cuffs and let them dry before detailing them with glitter glue and foam stickers. The finished cuffs looked awesome!

Then I took a mason jar and filled it with popsicle sticks. Each popsicle stick has a different super power printed on them so when the kids start pulling "Super Sticks", they can act out whatever super power is listed on them. So much fun!

Lastly, it was time to make our super hero masks! We cut out different masks and decorated them with markers, glitter glue and foam stickers. Once I punched the holes out and attached the yarn, we were good to go.

Looks like we're all set for Vortexx on The CW this Saturday!!!

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. As a Saban Brand-Bassador, I was offered craft supplies in order to prepare for the programming block.