Adventure Time: Jake the Dad on DVD!

WHAT TIME IS IT?!?! Time to meet Jake and Lady Raincorn's puppies!!! Finn takes on the role of "Best Unkle" to Jake's adorable little pups in this all-new compilation DVD featuring 16 popular episodes from seasons four and five of the Adventure Time series. That's not all! Every copy of Adventure Time: Jake the Dad comes with a special bonus. You'll receive this super awesome Jake Hat for free!


The Adventure Time: Jake the Dad DVD includes the following 16 episodes of adventures:

1. Jake the Dad             9. Mystery Dungeon
2. Burning Low              10. All Your Fault
3. Gotcha!                      11. Five More Short Graybles
4. Sons of Mars             12. Vault of Bones
5. BMO Noire                 13. Simon & Marcy
6. The Hard Easy           14. Puhoy
7. I Remember You        15. One Last Job
8. All the Little People     16. BMO Lost  

Get your copy of Adventure Time: Jake the Dad TODAY!!!

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