A Racing Good Time with Disney Planes!

You've probably made it to theater to see Disney Planes and instantly fell in love with Dusty and his pals Chug, Dottie and Skipper! Well now's the time to keep that racing spirit going at home with Disney Planes the video game available exclusively on all Nintendo Platforms.
We have been obsessively playing Disney Planes on our Nintendo Wii and all of my kids have had a blast soaring through the skies, ripping through obstacles and racing towards the finish line. My favorite feature is the Instant 2nd Player function! You don't have to waste time quitting the game, going back to the home screen and blah, blah, blah. You literally just drop-in or drop-out...AWESOME!

In the words of the amazing El Chupacabra, "I swish my cape at you!"
Disney Planes is available in stores now! See you in the skies!

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