Get Ready for Monsters University at the Disney Store!

I am a sucker for Disney merchandise! I use my kids as an excuse to visit the Disney Store and snatch up as much magical memorabilia as I possibly can. My husband doesn't understand why I "need" to have EVERYTHING in the store, but he still stands in line at the register and pays for whatever I pile on the counter. He's a good man! For Mother's Day he surprised me with a trip to the Disney Store and actually said, "Okay dear, go nuts"...THIS IS THE MAN OF MY DREAMS! We, by we I mean the kids and I, ran to the Monsters University section of the store. We found the perfect coffee mug, a Monsters University tee for me, plushes and even though our oldest hadn't yet finished 2nd grade, he picked out his new backpack and lunch box for 3rd grade next Fall.
This week, I'm getting even more Monsters University merchandise! Monsters University plushes are now on sale for $6 each. YES! Just $6 each and I must have them all! I will have to gather my kids for a little meeting and plan out our strategy on operation "Monster Hunt"!
At just $6 each, we have to collect every member of OOZMA KAPPA!
And I have to get this awesome OK pin for my new pin collection!
 We always leave the Disney Store happily ever after!