OYO Sportstoys NFL Mini-Figures Review

OYO Sportstoys have just released officially licensed building-block mini-figures that feature the logos and likenesses of players from all 32 National Football League teams. OYOs are specially designed with rotating forearms and bending knees to allow them to run, sit, squat, and grip and throw a football. NFL OYOs have one extended forearm and one bent forearm to allow for a variety of position-specific poses. Each figure comes with a football, a helmet with removable facemask, water bottle and a rectangular stand, all in a special package that can be used to display your collection.

I received my very own OYO NFL mini-figure for review and I was so excited to see that it was San Francisco 49ers Running Back, Frank Gore! My son was just as excited to help me review this toy because he's a 49ers fan as well. If you have a little football fan at home, they will enjoy playing with these NFL inspired mini-figures. Each player comes dressed in team uniform and includes a helmet, water bottle and football that the figure can actually grip. It also comes with a stand so my son can display his mini-figure up in his bookshelf. The best part is that these OYO mini-figures are compatible with all name brand building blocks. Fun, fun fun!!!


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  2. My husband is obsessed with NFL and wants these toys badly. But since we moved out of the United States already and NFL is not available in this country, we had a hard time finding live streaming links that would let him watch games live. I gave him a choice whether he wants to get these toys or the stream Super Bowl games with our express VPN subscription, and of course, he chose the streaming option. Hopefully the prices for these mini figures don’t go way high so I can get it for him on his birthday.