Yurbuds Inspired Me to Get Fit!

Recently a few of my favorite gals joined me in making changes to our daily routine with the hopes of  getting healthier in 2013. Whether it's eating better, drinking more water and less carbonated drinks or simply adding a little more physical activity to our schedules, all of the above is considered a huge step in the right direction. I am proof that tiny steps can and will make a difference.

I had my three children back to back so after baby #3 joined our family, it was time to lose the baby weight. I have a very busy schedule so I had to make changes that wouldn't throw me off my schedule. The first step I took was cutting out soda. Do you know that 1 can of cola contains the same amount of carbohydrates as a steak dinner with 2 sides? Uh, I'll take the steak dinner please! That was a no brainer. Instantly, 15lbs. melted away literally overnight. Then I decided to cut out big portions and anything high in sodium. BOOM, another 15lbs. fell off. Now, it's time to increase my physical activity. Granted, chasing after 3 kids keeps me very active, but it's not enough. I am not obsessed with a numerical size or the "perfect" weight. As a wife and mother, I am more concerned with health than a size. My curves and padding are womanly and I am comfortable in my skin. I just want to be more fit.

The first step to a healthier 2013 is to make walking a priority. Whether it's with my girls or by myself. I must walk more. I started walking with my kids at my old College track and on the new walking path our neighborhood added last month. We walk as often as possible. I also started walking with my School Moms. We drop the kids off at their gate and walk around the school a few times. My husband is now motivated and we've decided to turn our walks into runs.

Thanks to Yurbuds, our walks just got inspired! I used to have a problem with my
earphones constantly falling out and there is nothing worse than listening to your jam and getting yourself all pumped up then suddenly...silence! It's the worst! It kills the momentum! With Yurbuds, I don't have that problem. Yurbuds are the only earphones with patented TwistLock™ technology, guaranteed never to fall out. The new Inspire for Women features that same technology, and the FlexSoft™ comfort fit, while being specifically designed to fit smaller ears. These performance fit earphones are sweat and water-resistant, provide exceptional sound, and are the perfect training partner for all of my workouts.

 I made sure all of my girls got a special Inspire pack from Yurbuds which included earphones for smaller ears, a sweat band, towel and a little nutrition bar from LUNA to give us an energy boost. Needless to say, they were so excited to take on this new journey with me!
Yurbuds are now available in Target stores and retail for $29.99. Get your Yurbuds and join us on our mission to get fit for 2013.
Here's to HEALTH in the New Year!