Ranger Up For Halloween!

With Halloween just around the corner, it's no surprise that my kids were going crazy making their final selections on Who or What to be this year. Power Rangers have been a favorite with my children for quite some time now. This year I will have 2 Samurai Rangers in my family! Let me introduce you to the Pink Ranger Samurai and the Gold Ranger Samurai from Power Rangers Samurai!

Thanks to our friends at Disguise Costumes, my kids will have an awesome night of Trick-or-Treating as their favorite Rangers. My Pink Ranger Samurai's costume looks amazing. She loves the dress over the pants look and she told me, "I look just like the REAL Pink Ranger!". The costume includes the jumpsuit, mask and belt buckle. My little Gold Ranger Samurai was so excited to see that he had grown muscles overnight! He couldn't stop telling everyone to "feel my muscles!". He is now sleeping in his Gold Ranger costume. His costume also included the jumpsuit, mask and belt buckle. Now that I have found them matching Power Ranger treat bags, we are all set for a Happy Halloween!
You can find Power Ranger Samurai costumes at ALL local costume retailers!