LeapFrog Touch "Rock 'n Learn" Party!

We love LeapFrog products in our home. I have used them from day one when my first born arrived 7 years ago until now with my youngest at age 3. LeapFrog toys have been unstrumental in teaching my children their A, B, C's and 1, 2, 3's. They even play games and watch their favorite television programs on LeapFrog electronics. I was excited to hear about the latest addition to the LeapFrog family. With LeapFrog's new Touch Magic, little touches can result in big learning and big fun!

Rock out with the Touch Magic Rockin' Guitar. This cool instrument allows children to play and sing along with 10 fun learning songs:

Hop on the Touch Magic Learning Bus and watch your children learn early vocabulary, motor skills and so much more:

My kids had a blast testing out these two new toys with their friends. We played games, passed them around so everyone could check them out, ate cupcakes and watched a LeapFrog DVD that I still have from when my oldest was 2 yrs old. It was hard getting the kids to put them down long enough to eat a cupcake! I think these educational toys should be on every preschooler's Christmas wishlist!

Disclosure: I received free LeapFrog products in order to host the Leap Frog sponsored Rock 'n Learn Party. These are just my two cents!


  1. My kids love LeapFrog. Both my kids 8 and 4 still use the LeapFrog Explorer,LeapPad, and the Tag Reader. I also love the DVD's very helpful for the early stages in learning.

    LeapFrog ROCKS!!!!

  2. My kids never get bored of their Leap Frog toys. These new touch magic toys look like they would be great for a road trip. I'm going to have to try them out. Thanks!

  3. This looks lovely! I would love to recreate this in my home. Where did you get your tree blocks and mirror blocks? Links to where such toys can be purchased would be a great help. MyKidsGuide

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