A Gift For Our 2nd Grade Teacher

It's no surprise that when our economy takes a dive, our public schools suffer the most. With so many budget cut backs going on we decided to surprise our son's 2nd grade teacher with a cake made up of all the necessary school supplies for 20 students!
The entire project cost under $25 thanks to Target and was super easy to make. My foundation was two containers of anti-bacterial wipes and two boxes of tissues. Then I carefully stacked the supplies around the wipes and continued to stack supplies upwards. Double-sided tape is a must!

Mrs. Schmitt was so surprised when I showed up with the supply cake and so were all of her 20 students. Needless to say, Jackson was proud of his Mom!


  1. What a cute idea! Our school gives us a list of supplies. I have already spent $200 on stuff for two kids and school hasn't even started!

  2. This is such a wonderful (and generous) idea! Thanks for sharing! As a parent, I sometimes take teacher's needs for granted, so it made me think about how I can help my kids' classrooms.

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