Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer Fun with Watermelon: Part II

Here is another great idea to get your kids playing with their food! I love cookie cutters and so do my kids. I decided to let my kids use cookie cutters to cut their watermelon into their favorite shapes making their fruit look like watermelon cookies!

All you need is:

Cookie cutters

I sliced the watermelon into 1" thick slices then peeled each slice. I put out a plate of their favorite cookie cutters. The kids were shocked and excited! They each picked a shape and pressed down into their watermelon slice. I peeled away all of the excess watermelon and then voila...Watermelon Cookies!!!

What will we make next?


  1. Sheez, you are so creative! I wish you'd been around when my daughter was little. She suffered so much with a mom who flunked Kindergarten arts and crafts.

    1. Thanks so much Anne! It's so hot out here that often times I am forced to find new ways to keep them indoors! :)

  2. Love that idea! Great for outside afternoons. Then let the little ones get rinsed off on a slip 'n slide! ;)

  3. Oh FUN!! We are so doing this tomorrow!

  4. That's really cute and a good idea for a party.

  5. At my paso positivo party I used cookie cutters to make heart shaped and circle sandwiches and I was so proud of myself. Only 2 of the 15 kids would eat them! I was so disappointed. Anyhoo, really cute idea. My kids love to use the mini ice cream scoop for watermellon.

  6. How do you come up with these ideas? : ) You're making me look bad....joking! LOVE that kids would have so much fun doing this....messy, delicious fun!