Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted

I was invited to a special screening last night to watch Dreamworks Animation's Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted with my family. We didn't know until we arrived that we were going to be watching it in 3D. I hadn't taken my kids to see any movies in 3D yet because I didn't think they would keep the 3D glasses on the entire time. I was so wrong! They kept the 3D glasses on through the whole movie and even during the credits. They laughed hysterically! Now they want to watch everything in 3D.

Madagascar 3 was a huge hit for us. My husband and I were cracking up. He really likes those stealthy penguins! There is an amazing new cast of furry friends that will touch your heart and have you cheering out loud. This movie was non-stop fun from start to finish. We were all singing "Afro Circus" on the ride home! Madagascar 3 will delight and entertain children of all ages and their parents. I am crossing my fingers for a Madagascar 4!
Here's the trailer for Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted:


  1. We've been seeing the trailers for this movie and my kids are slavering to get to it. I want to see it to hear David Schwimmer's performance. (we dated briefly in the ice age). Ooops, gotta pick that up. I just dropped a name. Holla!

  2. We saw the ad for this on the side of a bus today & I almost screamed I was so excited! Can't wait for it to come out!!

  3. I've heard wonderful things about the film and we're very excited!