IRON MAN: Armored Adventures Review

I recently received IRON MAN: Armored Adventures Season 2 Volume 1 on DVD for review and I could barely finish opening the packaging before my boys attacked me and turned on the DVD player. We already watch the show when it airs on nicktoons, but there's something about a DVD that gets my kids all fired up! It's a great take on the life of Tony Stark as a 16 year old genius. The last time we saw Tony Stark as a teenager was back in 1996 Marvel Comics. In this new animated series, we get to see a young Iron Man team up with his friends Rhodey and Pepper Potts to keep control of Tony's father's company while protecting those who would fall victim to corruption and conspiracy.

Here's my son's review of the DVD:

IRON MAN: Armored Adventures airs Wednesdays at 5:30PM on nicktoons!


  1. Nice job! My boys love Iron Man too.

  2. Great review! And love the Iron Man helmet!

  3. My son LOVES Iron Man! LOVE that son has the same one! Great video...he knows a lot about Iron Man!