Disney's Soda Fountain and Studio Store in Hollywood!

I have been dying to visit Disney's Soda Fountain and Studio Store for so long now, but never got around to making it happen. Finally, we found ourselves standing in the doorway and I literally turned into a giggling goober as I walked in! I have loved soda fountains since I was a child. Some of my fondest memories are of visits to soda fountains with my parents and siblings. When I learned that Disney had a soda fountain, I couldn't wait to create those same memories with my children.
Of course, my kids had to run around the Studio Store portion of the Soda Fountain first and they had the best time hugging a giant Mickey, making souvenir pennies and picking out Disney suckers to enjoy after all the ice cream they were getting ready to consume!
The menu was awesome! I was expecting an amazing Fountain selection, but I had no idea that they offered breakfast and lunch. Jackson didn't even look at the menu. He ordered a Root Beer Float as soon as he sat down. Mya and Parker both had Junior Sundaes, Hubby ordered a Tuna Sandwich and I was thrilled when I saw the Mickey Mouse Belgium Waffle!
Everything was just perfect! The staff was as warm and accommodating as is expected from Disney. We will definitely be making Disney's Soda Fountain and Studio Store a regular part of our Family Fun itinerary. I'm already planning a visit for just my Hubby and me!!!


  1. Sweet! ...Just what I needed, by they way, yet another reason to head back to Disney for the day. :)

  2. Okay now I HAVE to have a Mickey waffle iron...

    1. What is up with blogger today? I'm only seeing an option to reply to someone else's comment instead of commenting on my own. *shrugs*

      Anyway, that looks fabulous. We must try that out. I would probably get the tuna sandwich too!

  3. I love this place!!!!!!!! I haven't been since we have kids. You've inspired me. I'm making plans this weekend.

  4. I so wanna go! I need to plan a trip with my monsters. That Mickey Waffle looks amazing.

  5. I am taking the kids! Thank you for sharing and I am with you on the waffle!

  6. We've been in there a million times, but never gone to the fountain. Next time we're definitely getting milk shakes. How fun.

  7. THis is one of mine and Caitlyn's favorite places to go. The menu is small but yummy!

  8. We lived in LA for so long and never once made it there. I'm thinking of making time to do it when we visit the El Cap for a film
    Great photos/review!

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