The Discovery Science Center in April!

April is a great month to visit the Discovery Science Center. There is so much going on right now that you won't want to miss! We recently enjoyed our very first visit to the Discovery Cube and my kids couldn't believe how many different exhibits they had to offer. Our primary purpose for visiting that day was for the Star Wars exhibit that is scheduled to close this month on the 15th. We couldn't let such an amazing exhibit come and go without experiencing it first hand. The Star Wars exhibit is truly for the die hard fans.
We were able to get up close to some of our most favorite and feared characters. From Chewbacca to Darth Vader, there was a little bit of Star Wars memorabilia for fans of all ages. My kid's favorite part of the entire exhibit was getting to ride on and steer an actual hovercraft!

No Star Wars experience would be complete without a virtual jump to lightspeed that could only be achieved on a full-size replica of the cockpit of Star Wars Episode IV's Millennium Falcon. This is an absolute must!
Next, we were off to play in the Dora & Deigo Let's Explore exhibit. My kid's had a blast playing on Pirate Piggie's Ship, getting through the Rainforest Maze, helping Tico gather nuts, picking flowers from Isa's Flowery Garden and visiting the Purple Planet. I am pretty sure we hung out here for almost two hours!

April is also the month to catch Bubblefest XVI or you'll have to wait until next Spring! I was not allowed to film or photograph any of the Bubble-tastic tricks that Bubble Scientist Deni Yang was demonstrating, but you can see a video from last year's Bubblefest here. My kids had an amazing time. Music, Lasers & Bubbles...what more could a kid ask for?

And finally, we attended an educational and fun presentation called Bubble Busters: Discover the Science! We learned about the buoyancy of a bubble and why a balloon cannot float forever.

Even though we had spent half a day at the Discovery Science Center, we still didn't get to see and do everything. There are so many more exciting exhibits that we need to visit and with the calender of events constanting changing, you will never find yourself bored of The Cube. For information on pricing, hours, memberships and events click here.