Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards & Giveaway

Power Rangers Super Samurai, Alex Heartman (Red Ranger, Jayden) is nominated for a Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award 2012 for Favorite TV Actor! As you know, Alex’s TV character, Jayden, and his fellow Rangers are excellent role models for kids. They encourage kids with positive messages throughout the series including teamwork, goal setting, positive play and health and fitness. We are huge fans of the Power Rangers Super Samurai and Alex is definitely our pick for Favorite TV Actor!

Here's the Giveaway part:

If you agree that Alex makes an awesome Red Ranger and feel he deserves your vote then visit and cast your vote for Alex. Once you have successfully voted for Alex, leave a comment for me below this post telling me why Alex/Jayden/The Red Ranger deserves your vote and I will send you a signed Power Rangers Super Samurai poster from Alex and the rest of the Power Rangers! How cool is that?

To VOTE FOR ALEX and WIN your signed POSTER, just click HERE!


  1. I believe that the red ranger deserves my vote because he is a great role model for kids and a great leader! he builds self esteem!!

  2. The Red Ranger deserves my vote because even my 3 year old son can tell he has a commanding presence on the screen and acts like a true leader, so of course he wants to be just like him. That doesn't bother me because the Red Ranger displays good will, intelligence and athleticism in every episode making him a great role model for kids.