The Avengers & LEGOS!

There are three things that I have been a huge fan of since I was a child. They are Disney, Marvel and LEGOS! When Disney acquired Marvel, I celebrated by wearing an Iron Man t-shirt to Disneyland. Over the past few years, I have anxiously awaited the release of films based on my favorite Marvel characters. Now, as May quickly approaches, the MOTHER of all Marvel films is about to release. I have been waiting for The Avengers to hit the big screen since the debut of Spiderman. Somehow, I just knew it was coming. I patiently enjoyed countless Marvel films such as X-Men, The Incredible Hulk, Ghost Rider, The Punisher, Iron Man, Thor, Captain American and yes...even Daredevil.
As if I wasn't already incredibly excited to see The Avengers make it's way to the big screen, I now am just as equally excited for LEGOS to release their highly anticipated line of Marvel's The Avengers minifigures and buildable playsets. 2012 has been an amazing year for Disney and Marvel so far and it just seems to get better and better! I cannot wait to get my hands on The Avengers LEGOS and spend some quality building time with my kids.
The Avengers will FINALLY be in theaters MAY 4th 2012!!!


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