The Garfield Show: Dinosaurs and Other Animal Adventures

Everyone’s favorite cat is at it again! Join this larger than life feline and his animal friends as they embark on a series of adventures from digging up dinosaur bones, working with farm animals and discovering life under the sea. No stone is left unturned as Garfield takes us through the history of dogs, attends a pet show and even prepares to eat a pet goldfish! Being part of the animal kingdom has never been any more exciting!
I have always been a Garfield fan and so has my oldest son. He's enjoyed watching Garfield since he was just a toddler. With this DVD I was able to introduce Garfield to my two younger children. We all sat down and laughed at the silly situations that this cat always seems to find himself in. Your kiddos will really like this DVD.
Disclosure: I was not paid or compensated for this post. I was offered a sample copy of the film in order to facilitate my review. These are just my two cents!