Rush: A Disney/Pixar Adventure for Kinect!

All I have to say is O-M-G!!!! Two things I can't live without are Disney/Pixar and XBOX! No, seriously...I can't. As if Disneyland Adventures for Kinect wasn't enough to get my heart palpitating and butterflies in my stomach, now I am just about to puke with excitement over this new Kinect game!

I can't share too much, but let me just tell you that one of my ultimate dream games is finally getting ready to release next March! I promise you it will be a fight to get game time in my home...because I WILL BE PLAYING NON STOP!

Check out the sneak trailer below and please try to contain yourself!

Ok? Are you still there? Can you believe what you just saw? Mark your calenders people!
MARCH 2012!!!

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