Redakai: Conquer the Kairu by Spin Master

My son has recently embarked on a new adventure with Redakai: Conquer the Kairu and he is thrilled to share this exciting new Battle Game with you. Redakai is a revolutionary card game with 3D X-Drive cards that layer during game play. The player can see their Attack cards damage their opponent while watching their power and health grow with each layer.

You start off by selecting your favorite Kairu Warrior card then stack Attacks on your opponent. Stack on your Monster card and transform into the galaxy's most powerful Warrior. To get started you will need the X-Reader Starter Pack. This pack includes 22 Blast 3D cards and one portable battlefield. It is everything you need to Battle & Win!

There is also a Championship Tin that is perfect for strategic play. The tin includes:

-1 Exclusive X-Drive card

-42 additional X-Drive cards

-1 Battlefield

-1 Card Screen

-1 Draw Deck

-1 Tin

To find more amazing Redakai products just click here.

Here's a great video introducing you to the new world of Redakai on Cartoon Network, Saturdays 9:30am E/P

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