Spin Master Toys: TRON

It's no surprise to me that all of the Disney toys for TRON Legacy were made by Spin Master Toys. Spin Master is known for creating some of the most innovative toys on the market. You are probably most familiar with Bakugan, Zoobles, Air Hogs, Moon Dough, Glo Doodle, and Liv dolls. We have had the pleasure of playing with all of these toys.

Recently, my oldest son sat down and watched TRON Legacy and was instantly obsessed. I can remember my own obsession with TRON when I was a child and I absolutely loved watching Disney's TRON Legacy. When we found out that Spin Master created the toys for TRON Legacy we went online to check out their selection. Jackson asked for anything he could get as a gift for graduating from Kindergarten and he literally got everything TRON! I honestly think that he had more Graduation gifts than Christmas gifts!

This boy lost his marbles!!! He didn't know which toy to open first! The TRON Legacy toys were awesome. Light up faces that actually spoke, light up vehicles, light up action figures and don't even start me on Sam Flynn's Deluxe Identity Disc!

I love Spin Master toys because they put so much effort into everything they create. I know that I am getting a great quality product. My kids are pretty rough with their toys, but with Spin Master I know I don't have to worry about replacing anything. They can take a good licking and continue to entertain my kids. The durability is amazing and I never feel like I am paying too much for a toy. I am definitely getting my money's worth. I am now working on the kid's Christmas lists and I can tell you that there are quite a few Spin Master products on there. My daughter wants to expand her Zoobles collection! I am looking forward to seeing what new and exciting toys Spin Master will be releasing for this Holiday Season!