Ready, Set, Summer!!!

The Summer has started off with a bang thanks to my friends at Party On! Rentals. Not only was it the first week of Summer, but Jackson had just Graduated from Kindergarten so we definitely had a lot to celebrate. What better way to kick off Summer Vacation than with a huge inflatable jumper that can be used wet or dry? I love Party On! Rentals because they offer so much more than your average jumper. Their selection of Toddler Interactive Inflatables is amazing. I find myself planning random gatherings as an excuse to rent a different jumper.

For Jackson's Graduation we decided to rent the Lil' Pirates Toddler Ship and once again, I was blown away when it actually arrived and was set up. I think because it had the word Toddler in the description I was expecting it to be small and toddler sized. Boy, was I wrong! The Pirate Ship was unbelievable! It stood at least 12 feet high and was 23 feet in length from bow to stern. My Grandmother's mouth literally dropped when she stepped outside and saw it. Do I even need to tell you what my kids thought?
Inside the ship is a small obstacle lay out, a large canon and a slide. It was extremely hot out so I turned on the hose and wet the entire ship. The kids were slippin' and slidin' all over the place.

Even I had to get in there and participate in all the fun. Of course, I had to reenact that famous scene from the Titanic!

The kids played in the ship non-stop for 6 hours straight! My Grandparents love having the kids spend the day at their home. They've asked us to rent another jumper next month just to hang out and have fun as a family. I think we'll get the Baby Kahuna Water Slide w/ Pool! Thanks so much to Party On! Rentals for providing excellent customer service and such an awesome Pirate Ship! Can't wait to see you again!!!


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