Party with Pooh!!!

My daughter absolutely loves Winnie the Pooh and all of his wonderful friends from the 100 acre woods. She has been planning her 4th birthday party since the day after her 3rd birthday. She won't be turning 4 years old until November, but being the compulsive party planner that I am, I already got a few Pooh ideas written down. It hasn't been easy finding a lot of fun Pooh stuff in stores except for 1st Birthday items and Baby toys for nurseries. Thankfully, Winnie the Pooh is making it's way to the big screen next week and now I am more excited about Winnie the Pooh than my daughter! All of a sudden Pooh is everywhere!!! (hahahahaha)

I immediately visited my favorite website to see what they had come up with. never lets me down and once again they have exceeded my expectations. I found a bunch of great Winnie the Pooh crafts, recipes and party ideas. Check out these great Pooh ideas to help you celebrate the big movie release next week:

Pooh & Friends Paper Bag Puppets:
*Seriously, how adorable & easy are these? The kids will enjoy sitting down and making their favorite characters. I am going to make the face pieces in advance so all they have to do is put them together and glue them to the colored bags.

*This is a simple and fun activity for the kids. Sit them down with a coloring page and spread out a few Pooh themed snacks and the kids will be entertained long enough for you to make yourself a plate of food! (because we all know MOMs never eat at kid's parties!!!)

Pooh's Hunny Pots:
*I'm going to do something different with these. I am going to use them to hold crayons, markers & colored pencils to use for coloring the Pooh pages!

*No kid's party is complete without a fun party game and it doesn't get any easier than this!

-One of the Pooh themed snacks I came up with is yellow Jello in individual flower pots. Most Dollar stores sell little plastic flower pots. If you can find the ones without holes in the bottom you'll be set! (if not, just line your flower pots before pouring the Jello in) Make the yellow Jello according to package directions then pour it into each individual pot before placing them into the fridge. Once the Jello has firmed, you can decorate the pots by writing the word 'Hunny' on each pot and placing a few bee stickers or drawing some bees on the pots. The kids will love this snack!

-Another Pooh snack I am making is just as simple as the Jello pots. Bee cookies made with sugar cookies, black & yellow cake decorating gel and mini marshmallows. You can either bake sugar cookies or buy them ready made. Then draw little bees on each cookie using the black & yellow cake decorating gels. Slice a mini marshmallow in half and place them gently on the cookie top for the bee's wings. Simple and super yummy!!!

I can't wait to see Winnie the Pooh in theaters next week and I am even more excited about planning the biggest Pooh bash ever! Thanks to for always coming through for this crazy party planning mama!