Fresh Brothers Grand Opening in 90210!

Fresh Brothers opened a new location in Beverly Hills and my family was there for the festivities! There is a great story behind the love that goes into every Fresh Brothers pizza pie. It started out as a childhood dinner favorite in the suburbs of Chicago and grew into a passion shared by 3 brothers. Fresh Brothers brings the family's favorite Chicago-style pizza recipes to California and I am so glad because I love a great pizza!

At the Grand Opening, the kids were able to sit down and decorate their own cupcakes! While Mya and Jackson actually frosted and decorated their cupcakes, Parker just sat there and ate all the M&M's, jelly beans & gummi worms!

We also had the pleasure of meeting Suzanne Haring, The Soozi Show! She has got to be the most talented Balloon artist I have ever seen! There was NO request she couldn't create! Of course, Jackson had to have a 3ft. purple light saber that literally got in everyone's personal space, including mine!!!
Next up was decorating their own pizza box with markers & stickers. The kids had no idea why they were decorating pizza boxes...SURPRISE!!! We were making our own pizzas! AWESOME!

We felt like we were hanging out and having lunch with family. The staff, the atmosphere and other guests were all so warm and friendly. My kids were doing their own thing and I didn't feel like I needed to hover over them at all! One of the employees actually found my youngest son in the kitchen and rather than put him out, she actually picked him up and showed him around the kitchen...I LOVE FRESH BROTHERS!!!

It was an amazing Grand Opening and I am so happy that I got the chance to meet Adam & Debbie Goldberg, owners of Fresh Brothers. They are a wonderful couple that made us feel so welcome and at home! Service with a Smile is an understatement! We look forward to visiting the Fresh Brothers in Calabasas quite often. I think I see a Fresh Brothers Birthday Party in our future!

Thank You so much to Adam & Debbie for having us and serving up some of the most delicious pizza ever! We wish you both much success in all future endeavors! Fresh Brothers Rocks!!!


  1. We don't have Fresh Brothers around here (Long Island) but looks like a great place to eat it. Will have to visit there the next time I'm in that area.

  2. I keep hearing about Fresh Brothers. Guess it is time for me to check them out.

  3. Jasmine!
    Thanks for the mention and link to my website on your cool blog! It was great to meet you and your fun kids!
    I also have a Facebook page which announces where I'll be performing in public next, as well as some of the cool things I'm doing at private parties & events. Join up so I can meet you at another fun happening! : )
    : ) Soozi