Westin Mission Hills Resort and Spa

This Summer I will be covering a few new Hotels that offer Family Friendly Amenities and tons of Kid Friendly Activities. The first Hotel I visited was the Westin Mission Hills Resort & Spa in Rancho Mirage, CA. I knew I was going to love this property just from it's long list of activities and property layout. I am a huge fan of villa-style hotels. As exciting as hotel lobbies and elevators can be, it's so much more peaceful and relaxing to know that your room is just a short scenic walk from the pools, the restaurants and your car, especially with 3 young children. We had two connecting rooms, but the way they connected was so different from any other connecting rooms we've stayed in. The kids room and our room both had the standard entry way, but there was no door in the middle of the room. Instead, we had a hallway door that we could close and lock which allowed us to give the kids a little more freedom coming in and out of each room. We just had to prop our room doors open with something and the hallway stayed lit overnight so the kids could see where they were going. I loved it this way. It made us feel like we had a two bedroom condo rather than just 2 connecting rooms.

The wonderful folks at Westin Mission Hills really know how to 'Welcome' a Mom! We were greeted with fresh fruit plates, the yummiest fresh baked chocolate chip cookies ever, chilled milk and a goodie bag for each of my little travelers. My kids cleared the table in less than 5 minutes. I actually had to hide a couple cookies for my late night snack!

We had an amazing view of the golf course and the kids really enjoyed hanging out on the patio playing with their goodie bags. Dad immediately laid out on the bed and started watching TV, after all, it was Father's Day weekend!

First on our list of things to do was go swimming. The Westin Mission Hills offers 3 wonderful swimming pools. The Las Hadas pool has one spa and was located right outside of our room so it was perfect for an evening swim before getting the kids ready for bed. The Las Brisas pool was where all the action was at! Cabanas for rent, poolside bar, pool volleyball, 2 spas and a 60 ft. waterslide. Every Saturday you can find poolside games and snow cones at this pool. During Holiday weekends they have even more fun with poolside inflatables, watermelon eating contests and so much more!

The Westin Mission Hills also has an awesome Kidz Fun Cabana located just off the Las Brisas pool area. Kids can take a break from the heat and relax while painting pottery, make sandy candy, build their own stuffed animals or get a fun and safe temporary tattoo. My kids painted Lightning McQueen Banks and a Little Mermaid statue. Then we all sat down for some tattoo fun. Dad and Jackson got matching reptiles. Mya wanted Bambi and I had to get Tigger! The staff at the Kidz Fun Cabana was amazing! They were so helpful and patient with the kids. Everyone was smiling and having a great time.

After a full day by the pool we decided to take a tour of the property. This is one of the most exciting features this hotel has to offer. You can call from your room and arrange for a Golf Cart to pick you up right outside your door and drive you all over the property grounds. I was able to get some nice photos and our tour guide, Kevin, was friendly, great with the kids, engaged in conversation and stopped the tour for potty breaks! I'm telling you this was probably my favorite part of the visit. The kids didn't want to get off the Golf Cart.

The hotel has so many activities to offer that it's almost impossible to do them all in one weekend. They have a Kids Golf Clinic, Kids in the Kitchen cooking classes, Wii tournaments and a Kids Club Discovery Room where you can sign your children up for 1 of 2 sessions and leave them in the care of talented Westin Staff Members while you go enjoy some spa time and let hubby get in a round of golf. The property also has a full playground, which was just outside of our room, and a small putting green for the kids. We spent about an hour just at the playground before checking out.

The Westin Mission Hills is definitely on my list of favorite Family Destinations. My husband was so impressed that he's already talking about next Summer. There are so many activities that we didn't get a chance to experience during our visit. It makes planning the next trip out there that much more exciting. I have to give a HUGE THANK YOU to Katelyn, Lori and Michelle for making us feel at home and showing us such a great time. We love you gals!!!