Campout with Sid the Science Kid!

The Jim Henson Company along with your local PBS station is getting ready to debut an all new episode of Sid the Science Kid called "Sid's Backyard Campout" on Monday, June 20th. In honor of this new episode, The Jim Henson Company is asking that we all join in the fun over this Summer Vacation by having a Backyard Campout with our kids. You know I'm in!!!
All you really need for the perfect Backyard Campout is a tent, a cozy blanket, s'mores and the "Sid's Backyard Campout" episode loaded in your iGo DLP pocket projector!

I filled a bowl with green grapes and my oldest son suggested we pretend that it was a bowl full of Backyard June Bugs!
We roasted marshmallows outside and the kids made their own s'mores. They were the perfect snack to munch on while watching "Sid's Backyard Campout"!

It was a bit too sunny out to get a good picture on the wall so we went inside. The kids picked a spot on the couch and watched the show.

I plan on having a few more campouts this Summer and continuing these Backyard Campouts as a Summer tradition for all the years to come. Get out there this Summer and have a Fun Backyard Campout with your little Science Kid and create your own memories that will last a lifetime!

I have to send a HUGE THANK YOU to my lovely friend Britney for inviting me to share my Campout Adventure! Smooches tootsie!!!