The Party is On with Party On! Rentals

Last month was a very busy month for me and my family. Both of my son's celebrated their birthdays, we celebrated St. Patrick's Day (because I'm half Irish) and we celebrated Persian New Year (because I'm half Persian).

***Persian vs. Iranian...Whatever! I speak Farsi, eat kabob and struggle with body hair! It's my blog and I like to say Persian!***

Anyways, so we had a lot to celebrate. I decided to have a party at my grandparent's house to celebrate everything in one big Super Party Extravaganza! Jackson wanted a Star Wars theme. Parker wanted Thomas the Train so I had to figure out how to do a split theme party. The hunt for a jumper began. I wanted something really unique and memorable. I couldn't really find anything Star Wars related that had any real WOW factor so I tried searching for Thomas jumpers and I stumbled upon the most amazing Train jumper I have ever seen. It was official...inside the house would be decorated with the Star Wars theme for my big boy and we would turn the backyard into a Train Station for my little man. PartyOn! Rentals in Los Angeles, CA has an amazing selection of party rentals. I have seen tons of different character jumpers, but I was so surprised to see their crazy variety of Toddler Interactive Playgrounds! I can go on and on about the different obstacle courses, slides, carnival games, concession machines and so on, but let's get right down to the star of Fun Express Train Station! Oh My Gosh!!! The best jumper/playground I have ever seen! They told me it was going to be big, but I had no idea what I was in for! Do you see this thing? AMAZING!!! The kids lost their marbles! When my kids walked through the kitchen door, that leads out into the backyard, all I heard was screaming! Parker yelled "Choo Choo" so loud I thought he was going to puke! Look at the size in comparison to my kids!

I kid you not...we didn't see the children for the rest of the day!
My family thought it was going to be just another standard jumper. They couldn't stop talking about it. By the end of the night, I was passing out business cards for Party On! Rentals. My husband is already thinking up excuses to rent more Toddler Interactive Playgrounds. Maybe Easter?
The customer service I received was excellent. The staff was so professional and friendly. Delivered & picked up right on schedule. We will definitely be using Party On! Rentals again & again. I highly recommend Party On! Rentals for your next event and don't forget to tell them that So You Think You Can Mom? sent you!!!