Disney is Easter-ific!!!

Okay, so I don't really have much to say except...Please look how unbelievably cute these Disney egg holders are!!!! I mean really! I am currently in LOVE with all things Tangled and the hollowed egg "lantern" is the BEST THING EVER! I am definitely making them with the kids!

My daughter adores Bambi & Thumper so these are a must!

I've told you before that I love a good theme and Easter is just as good of an excuse to be creative as a Birthday Party is. Check out this Tangled Frittata! My Mom makes frittatas all the time, but I prefer a really good scrambled masterpiece. You know I don't do things by the book so I am going to take this Tangled Frittata recipe and put my own twist on it. The pan is what's really important so I plan on scrambling eggs with cheese, tomatoes & green onions and serving them in this exact pan with a cilantro garnish! What a better way to start off Easter Sunday than with a Tangled Egg breakfast? I know the noodles are supposed to represent Rapunzel's hair so I am going to serve shredded hashbrowns with my egg dish!

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