Nuts about Nutella!

By now I'm sure most of you know that I love hosting a themed party. I will take any excuse to throw a party and eat, but when the party required eating the rich and creamy hazelnut spread, Nutella, I just about lost my mind! I was selected by Mommy Parties to host a Nutella Breakfast Bar party so I immediately sat down and started planning a Nutella Champagne Brunch. What could be better than having a few friends and family members over for some good food and champagne? It was easy to come up with really yummy menu items, but realistically, I couldn't make everything that I wanted to. With 3 young kids, it's difficult to spend a lot of time in the kitchen on a Sunday morning. Luckily, Nutella recipes are quick and easy so I picked my top 3 ideas and rolled with it.

My Nutella Champagne Brunch was a huge hit! I started with a few traditional brunch items such as scrambled eggs with cheese, tator tots and turkey bacon. However, these dishes paled in comparison to the Star of the Brunch...Nutella!

I made Nutella filled croissants:
Nutella fondue: and whole wheat English muffins topped with Nutella & bananas:Of course, no Nutella Champagne Brunch is complete without a cool refreshing Mimosa to accompany all that yummy Nutella goodness!My kids all tried Nutella for the first time and loved it. My oldest son is allergic to peanuts and was nervous about trying Nutella because he thinks all nuts are related. He dove right in like a champ and guess what? Nothing happened! Nothing, except him stuffing his face with Nutella covered strawberries and making his own S'mores!

My sister loved her special gift bag filled with coupons, samples, recipes, a spreader and an awesome Nutella tumbler!
Next on my list of Nutella recipes is brownies & cupcakes! Doesn't that just sound delicious?

(number of times I used the word Nutella in this post= 17) That's how good it was!!!