Pretend City is AWESOME!

I have been dying to take the kids out to Pretend City in Irvine and we recently had the chance to get out there. The day we visited just happened to be the last day of the Curious George exhibit and I am so glad we were able to join everyone for a big Goodbye Celebration in honor of Curious George!
Pretend City is a children's museum that you really have to see to believe. Upon entrance you realize that this is so much more than a children's's actually a pint sized city for kids that educates while it entertains and that's something that I just love!
We couldn't keep up with the kids at all! The first stop was the Art Studio and it was so much fun. The kids got a chance to sit down with a Pretend City volunteer and made kites. They painted and had so much fun.
Next we spent about an hour at the Marina. This exhibit is great for all ages. My kids love playing in water so this exhibit was perfect for them. They played with little duckies, boats, lobster, fish, fishing poles and more.

There is a Health Center, Police Station, Fire Station, Gas Station and the Beach all on one side of the museum.

Then the kids put on their hard hats and got to work in the Construction Site. All 3 of my kids had fun in here. I couldn't get my boys away from the pvc pipes.

It was the last day of the Curious George exhibit and we didn't want to miss it. The kids ended up spending the most time in there. The Rocket slide was Parker's favorite thing in the world! I have to say that Pretend City has some of the most wonderful and patient volunteers ever! They assisted the kids down the slide and made sure everyone took turns.

It's was almost closing time and we still had so much more to see. The Amphitheater was Mya's favorite place to be. She is definitely a HAM! Dad took control of the stage lights and sounds so Mya could put on a performance. Of course Parker had to join her with some tambourines!

We had just enough time for one more exhibit and the kids chose the Farm. It was really cool! We were able to plant and harvest fruits and vegetables. On our way out Jackson took a spin around the Orange Plaza in one of their many vehicles located throughout the museum. Pretend City has real roads and traffic lights throughout the plaza to make the driving experience more realistic.

We didn't have enough time to visit all of the great exhibits so we will just have to get back out there for more Pretend Fun! A Big THANK YOU to Megan Tiedge for having us and Thank You to all of the amazing volunteers for being so great with my kids!

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