Moon Dough by Spin Master

Spin Master has a new line of Moon Dough kits available that are so creative and colorful. There is literally a different Moon Dough kit to please any child. My kids love animals so this Moon Dough Magic Zoo was perfect for them. The kit included 3 different colors of Moon Dough, 3 different animal molds and 2 pairs of wind up feet that were just hilarious!

My kids range in age from 1-5 years old and all 3 of them were able to enjoy the Magic Zoo. It's so easy to use. We filled the animal mold with Moon Dough, clicked it into place and cranked the handle on the top until our creation popped out. We spent the morning making Bears, Gorillas and Penguins of all different colors.

My kid's favorite feature of the Magic Zoo was the wind up feet that instantly turn your Moon Dough Animal into a mechanical toy! Just snap the feet into place and when you crank the handle it winds up the feet. My son made a Gorilla and used the purple feet. When he was done cranking and the Gorilla popped out, it walked right out of the mold!
My kids love playing with Moon Dough. We can't wait to try some of the other kits like the Ice Cream Kit and the Pan Pizza Kit! Moon Dough really does provide tons of FUN!
You can find Moon Dough products at most of your local retailers. This Magic Zoo is a MUST!!!

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