Get Ready with Prep & Landing's DIY Kit

Who better than Wayne and Lanny to help us get ready for Santa's famous visit? In just a couple days we will all be anticipating Santa's arrival and do you want to risk forgetting to put out the cookies? This awesome do-it-yourself kit has everything you need to make sure you have done everything right and ensure a smooth and jolly Christmas morning for your little ones.

Start off by checking everything twice! Were you naughty or nice? Be honest! He's been watching you!

If you think you're on the Nice list then write down 3 things you will do from now until Christmas to make sure you stay on the Nice list.

Then write down 3 ways that you will try to be even Nicer for next year! It's never too early to start getting on next year's list.

You don't want to have just any old cookies out for Santa's arrival so why not take a little time and whip up a batch of Santa's Favorite Sugar Cookies? Here is the easy DIY recipe:

And last, but definitely not least, write a special Thank You letter for Santa and his awesome helpers! We always leave our Thank You letter right by the cookies so he's sure to find it.
If you complete these simple steps on Christmas Eve then you are guaranteed to make Santa feel all warm & toasty inside! After all, a Jolly Santa is the Best Santa of all!!!