My Holiday Gift Guide 2010!

It's that time of year already! The time where all the new toys are released to create the Holiday demand! My favorite time of year! I absolutely LOVE shopping for Toys, especially when it comes down to my kid's Christmas Wish lists. This year there are so many great new toys out for the Holiday Season. I have decided to do my first ever Holiday Gift Guide and share some of my findings with you. Get out your pen & paper or just print out this post because these are definitely some of the MUST HAVES!!!

Spin Master Toys:
Spin Master has an awesome line of toys available for this Holiday Season. They offer such a wide variety of toys for boys and girls of all ages. My son is a huge Bakugan fan and the latest addition to the Bakugan family is a transforming Colossus Dragonoid figure. You have to see this thing in person. It's amazing!
My daughter is in love with the Zoobles and there are so many of them to collect. The fact that they can be a ball or an animal is great because she can play with my son when he's playing with his Bakugan Brawlers.
The Liv dolls are great because they are larger than the average figures for young girls and that makes it easier to change their outfits and play with their accessories. A new line of accessories just came out this Fall. I love Sophie's Scooter! The Liv girls also have a new friend and her name is Hayden!
My littlest guy can't stop playing with the Pop Up Pals. He can easily pop on and off different parts to change each character. I already bought him all the pet friends for Christmas. Now I have to get some vehicles! Some other really fun Spin Master products are the Air Hogs Moto Frenzy R/C Stunt Bike, The Blizzard Maker by Dairy Queen and of course Moon Dough. There are so many different play sets available for Moon Dough like the Barnyard, Ice Cream Kit, Diner and Pan Pizza Kit.

Hasbro Toys:
Hasbro is always introducing new toys and two of my favorites for the Holidays are Play-Doh Creations and My Little Pony Mermaids.
Play-Doh Creations allows the kids to take Play-Doh to a whole new level by incorporating it into coloring sheets like the Squish and Stamp Scenes.
My Little Pony Mermaids have an amazing line of characters, tiny marine friends and accessories including a Pony Castle Playset.
WowWee Paper Jamz:
WowWee's current series of Paper Jamz guitars and drum kits are unbelievable! My kids have played with them for hours at a time and never seem to get bored! They both offer multiple levels of play from jamming out with a pre-recorded song or letting loose in Freestyle mode and feeling like a true Rock Star. My 3yr old daughter bangs away on the drums while my 5yr old son jams on the guitar. I've already ran out and purchased the guitar strap and amp for Christmas! Can you guys make a keyboard next? My 1yr old needs to join the band!!!
BanDai Toys:
Bandai's big sellers this year are the new line of Ben 10 Ultimate Alien figures, Pocoyo Squeeze & Play characters and Tamagotchi TamaTown Tama Go with additional action figures.

These are just a few of the Hottest Toys out this Fall. Now that Toys R Us has released it's Big Holiday Book, you can find most of these toys for an amazing deal. Don't forget to check your local adds for Black Friday!!!

I'll share one of my Holiday Shopping Secrets with you...Never wait until the last minute! Mom's get crazy when we're rushing to find that Must Have toy! I ALWAYS start my Christmas shopping in late July to early August. I try to grab a couple items every 2 weeks and I almost always finish all my shopping before Thanksgiving. This allows me to relax and enjoy the Holidays. If I decide to wake up at 4:am for Black Friday deals, it's usually just for fun!!!

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  1. That's a great list Jasmine! You are gonna have one happy household come Christmas Day! It's such a good idea to start in the summer! I would love to just relax for the month of December & only have to worry about wrapping the gifts, not buying them!
    I love the My Little Pony Mermaids & the Zoobles toys.
    Must Haves for this season for sure!