Bandai's Holiday Top 10

Bandai America Incorporated Announces Top 10 Imaginative Toys for Holiday 2010 Must-Have Toys Offer Creative Play for Girls, Boys and Preschoolers

The holiday season is a time filled with magic and wonder. To help celebrate, Bandai America Incorporated announces its “Top 10 Imaginative Toys” for 2010. For parents looking to make their children’s wishes come true this holiday season, Bandai America Incorporated is proud to offer an array of value-packed toys that can help kids take their imaginations to the next level. Whether it’s on the go with TamaTown™ by Tamagotchi™, experiencing out-of-this-world adventures with Ben 10™, strutting the fashion runway with Harumika™ to show off dazzling designs, or into the kitchen with Chef Kids Cooking Club® to make mouth-watering treats, Bandai America Incorporated has the perfect gift to help nurture and
grow a child’s imagination.

Bandai America Incorporated’s “Top 10 Imaginative Toys”:

Fun on the Go

· Ben 10: Ultimate Alien™ Mark 10 Deluxe Vehicle ($29.99 SRP):Named a FunFare magazine 2010 “All Star,” Ben’s gadget packed tuner comes with five missiles and four vehicle modes - racer, hovercraft, submarine and jet fighter - as well as a translucent green Ben 10 action figure for the intergalactic adventurer on the go. Other select 4” Alien Collection figures can fit in the vehicle as well.
· Pocoyo™ Bump ‘n Go ($24.99 SRP): Showcased in About.com’s “Hot Holiday Toys for Preschoolers,” Pocoyo Bump ‘n Go features the CGI series star Pocoyo zooming around in his racing car while music plays. If the car hits an obstacle, it stops, moves back and makes a U-turn to ensure endless fun moving and
grooving with Pocoyo!
· TamaTown Tama-Go™ ($19.99 SRP): TamaTown by Tamagotchi Tama-Go offers girls the chance to interact with their characters at home, online or on the go! The world’s first virtual pet has been re-invented to allow kids to change characters, add new games and visit the free online world at www.tamatown.com. Kids can take care of their favorite characters who can get married and even have children within the
new Tama-Go platform.

Creative Playtime in the Kitchen, On the Runway and Out-of-This-World
· Ben 10: Ultimate Alien Alien Creation Chamber Laboratory($49.99 SRP): The greatest addition yet to the “Alien Creation” line, the Alien Creation Chamber Laboratory combines design and innovation with the already successful Creation Chamber, allowing kids to watch as their own unique combination of aliens are automatically developed right before their eyes. Kids create these aliens by loading the lab with multiple arms, legs, heads and torsos, and with a push of a button, a new alien comes together. Millions of alien combinations are possible.
· Ben 10: Ultimate Alien Disc Alien Ultimatrix ($19.99 SRP): This latest edition of the Omnitrix, Ben’s watch-like device allowing alien transformation, the Disc Alien Ultimatrix comes with a disc-shaped alien hero (Humungousaur) that can be placed inside and activated to pop up while unlocking alien voices or
sounds and lights.
· Chef Kids Cooking Club ChocoPot ($24.99 SRP): Named one of 2010’s coolest toys by CNBC, ChocoPot is a unique cooking experience combining an entertaining cooking DVD, a fun process and great tasting treats. The kid-friendly cooking appliance melts chocolate to create fondue or molded candy in a variety of shapes to share with friends and family.
· Harumika Style Studio ($24.99 SRP): A winner of Good Housekeeping’s Third Annual “Best Toy Awards” and a Tillywig Sterling “Fun Award” winner, Harumika Style Studio offers a complete collection of fabrics and accessories for endless fashion fun! Harumika lets girls quickly and easily create their own looks with no gluing, sewing or scissors involved. All girls have to do is pick a fabric, wrap it around the dress form, then secure it into place with the Harumika patent pending Style Lock SystemTMand – voila! – the perfect custom outfit! Girls can show off their favorite designs in the “store window” and organize all their Harumika fabrics and dress forms.
· Pocoyo Squeeze ‘n Play ($19.99 SRP): Plush Pocoyo, Elly and Pato play popular musical sounds from the show when preschoolers squeeze Pocoyo and Elly’s tummies and Pato’s drum.
· Wild@Art™Eraser Art ($24.99 SRP): Eraser Art encourages tween girls to explore their interests and hobbies by creating accessories and school décor with their own artistic flair. To create a customized eraser, girls can either select from the included design templates or even create their own designs from scratch. The design template grid allows girls to line up the eraser color strips using the eraser unit as a base to hold their design in place. A small amount of water and a quick microwave heating will lock the design in place. Girls can then show off their custom, usable erasers!
· Wild@Art Pencil Art ($24.99 SRP): Pencil Art allows personality and individuality to shine through by stylizing writing and drawing essentials that are as fun to create as they are to show off! Girls can create their own customized pencil collection by wrapping plain pencils with decorative tape in the patented pencil maker unit. Girls can then personalize their pencil design with the included appliqués, message or name stickers. Finally, girls secure their signature design with the coating tape and place a rhinestone topper at the end of the pencil for an added glam effect.

For more information on Bandai’s must-have holiday toys, please visit www.Bandai.com.

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