The Muppets Kitchen with Cat Cora!

I had the pleasure of attending a FANTABULOUS (it's my blog & I'll use any words I want!) event at Disney Studios to promote The Muppets Kitchen with Cat Cora and I have so much to share...

Disney has done it again!!! The Muppets Kitchen with Cat Cora is a great new website all about having fun with food. This amazing website encourages parents to bring their kids into the kitchen and get involved with all that goes into a family meal. I absolutely love all that this website entails and the delivery is better than you could imagine. The Muppets bring so much character and humor to the show which the kids enjoy and Cat Cora brings her years of experience and expertise which us parents respect and admire.

Seeing how the show revolves around food, I have to tell you about the mouth-watering grub that I feasted on! Fancy grilled cheese sandwiches, Greek burgers, colorful wrap rolls, lemonade cookies and the yummiest mini cupcakes! They also had a great display of all the Disney food products available at your local grocery store.

I was so excited to find out that the kids were going to play in one room with a great group of young ladies that had the patience of ANGELS. They had a Disney themed spread just for the kids. Us Moms were enjoying the show in a separate room free from any disruptions. It was like Date Night without the Date!

The show was hilarious! I was laughing from start to finish and I can actually say I learned a few new things. The charming Pepe greeted all of us Moms with a lovely red rose and a note. My husband got a little jealous.

Then Cat, Angelo & Pepe prepared a giant bowl of tasty Trail Mix Popcorn that I am sure my kids will love after school and during movie nights at home.

After the Popcorn we had the most entertaining Q & A session filled with more laughter than you can imagine.

To top off the evening, the lovely Cat Cora sat down with us and signed copies of her latest cookbook, posed for pictures and made me want to hurry home and try some of her recipes.

As if a signed copy of Cat Cora's cookbook wasn't enough, the generous folks at Disney surprised us with a grown up favor bag...I mean favor BOWL! A giant stainless steel bowl filled with all sorts of Muppets goodies!

I have told ALL of my friends about The Muppets Kitchen with Cat Cora. I love this website, I love the Muppets, I love Cat Cora and I love Disney for finding innovative ways of making every time...Family Time!

A BIG THANK YOU to Brett Cerf for inviting me and Dana Henry for making me feel at home!!!