Learning is FUN with Elmo & Cookie Monster

Our friends at Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have teamed up with Black Lantern Studios and Sesame Workshop to develop a new video game for preschoolers that is just as much FUN as it is EDUCATIONAL! Available for the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS systems, these 2 new Sesame Street video games are Elmo's A-to-Z Adventure and Cookie's Counting Carnival. What makes these games so different from other so-called educational games is the long list of features offered to both the parents and the child.

*A Parent's Area that allows us parents to review games that our kids have played along with the relevant curriculum for each.
*Parents can play with their kids in the Assist Mode which allows you to use the 2nd remote to chime in and assist without taking the child's remote away.
*There is a Broad Range of Games which offers a great variety of distinct learning games and activities.
*The Audio Direction actually speaks to the kids and offers instructions making it easier to follow along for the younger players that are still developing their reading skills.
*The games are Easy to Play which enables your preschooler to play on their own with minimal button usage.
* The Player Adaptability allows the game's difficulty to adapt to your child's skill level.
*Active Gameplay gets your child up and jumping, shaking, tossing and tilting their way through the games.

I was invited to a luncheon at the Warner Bros. Studios for a presentation of the new Sesame Street video games and I had the most wonderful time. The Studio grounds are lovely and everyone was so nice. My darling sister, Nicole, joined me because she too is a huge fan of Sesame Street.

There was a child care center set for the kids with a yummy spread of grilled cheese sandwiches, french fries, goldfish crackers and drinks. I took my daughter Mya and she enjoyed watching Sesame Street and playing with the other kids. Her BFF Kaia was there and the two of them held down the fort!

Having the kids in a separate room allowed us parents to really enjoy the presentation without disruption. We sat down for lunch and chatted a bit about how cute the Sesame Street remote covers for the Nintendo Wii are. The fuzzy little Elmo and Cookie Monster covers make the remotes more kid friendly and only expose the buttons that the child will actually use which leaves less room for confusion. The stylus for the Nintendo DS looks like a chunky Sesame Street pen with a wrist band that will be much easier for the kids to hold and use.
I have to send a BIG THANK YOU to Jason Avila for inviting me.

Thank You to Dr. Rosemarie T. Truglio for sharing my love of Sesame Street and Educational Fun.

Thanks to gaming expert & producer Jason (sorry for not getting your last name!) for sharing my love of video games and exposing kids at a young age to the wonderful world of gaming!

And Thank You to Mark Margolis for having me at such a delightful event. You really know how to make a Mom feel Welcome!